Here is a small video to help you get your POE hat up and running in seconds, please make sure :

1- You are using a standard POE switch or injector

2- You are using the latest Raspberry Pi 4B or Pi 3B+ both which support POE

3- Don’t touch the POE hat while operational as it will get hot when under heavy load, its designed to handle that well, and it will automatically shut down and reboot if it get hotter that what it can handle

4- Don’t power your Pi using an external power supply at the same time

5- Before installing or removing the Hat make sure all power sources are disconnected.

Enjoy and send us any comments ????

Please note that this is a none-isolated design, please use with the right applications, also under heavy load the hat gets hot, which is normal and will not affect the operation

How To install video

High Current Test, Our hat will power up USB devices with high current requirements unlike the official hat 🙂 ,